Our Virginia Attic Fans Service

Attic Fans (also known as Powered Vents) by AbelAir Services in Virginia are designed to exhaust the trapped hot air out of your attic. They work on a thermostat and are either hard wired or solar powered.

AbelAir Services offers either type depending on your needs. Feel free to contact us with specific questions and answers as to what system will work best in your home.

We recommend attic fans to people who have existing cooling systems since these fans can considerably lessen the demand on air conditioning units and make the upper levels of the home cooler.

These fans work very well in the Virginia climate since it is dry and cools down in the evenings. They can be installed on the roof or in a gable of your home.

For these fans to work properly the attic space need to have intake ventilation as well. The amount of intake depends on the size of fan installed.

Our experts can diagnose your specific situation and get you on the road to having a cool, comfortable, and energy efficient summer!

Attic Fans Installation & Service

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