Discover the most important symptoms of a bad furnace transformer and why you need furnace system repairs in Virginia, VA.

We’re sure that your furnace has become your best friend during this time of the year. So, when things start to go wrong, you need to refer to a professional for the service that you’re looking for.

Your furnace is quite the complex piece of equipment. There are some important pieces of this system that cannot afford to go without quality care.

You might have heard of your furnace’s filter or even the compressor… but what about the furnace’s transformer?

Your furnace’s transformer is important to your heating. If your furnace has declined in quality and you need furnace system repairs in Virginia, VA, then we’re the team you can talk to for your personal needs.

What’s a Furnace’s Transformer?

You’re probably not walking around with extensive knowledge about such a specific part of your home’s furnace system. This is why we’re here to help you out with your transformer today.

Your transformer is the part of your home’s furnace that’s responsible for increasing or decreasing the voltage of your home’s alternating current or AC. In simple terms, this part of your home transfers electric currents from one point to another.

This allows your heater and the fan to work in harmony while they cycle on and off.

Your furnace cannot function without a proper transformer. Transformers are important to the overall function of your home’s heater.

You’re not going to get safe of effective comfort without your home’s heating system.

Symptoms Of A Bad Furnace Transformer

Here are a 3 symptoms that your home’s transformer is suffering:

bad furnace transformer

Your Heater Won’t Work

You wake up on a cold Virginia morning, peel yourself out of your warm bed, and head over to your home’s thermostat. Although you pick a cozy temperature and wait for your heater to turn on… it just never does. You head back over to the thermostat and try it again—nothing.

There’s nothing that you can seem to do to make your system work the way it’s supposed to. You have a deeper problem going on that probably stems from a bad transformer. We’re going to help.

Your Circuit Breaker Trips

When the transformer starts to dip in quality, you might notice that your circuit breaker starts to trip more often. This happens because of voltage surges.

Voltage surges can fry different parts of your furnace system. If your circuit breaker starts to trip all the time, then you should look to your bad furnace transformer and ask a professional for help.

Your System Hums and/or Vibrates

Some sounds coming from certain mechanical parts of your home are normal.

Humming coming from your furnace transformer is one of them. This happens due to the natural expansion and contraction of the system.

The problem comes when the humming becomes loud or the humming transitions into full of vibrating. If the sound is too loud or persistent now, then you have a bad furnace transformer on your hands.

This can quickly plague your home’s heater.

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