AC Replacement: 5 Signs You Seriously Need A Replacement Now

Whether it’s out of laziness, lack of time, or sheer sentimentality, a lot of homeowners often put off replacing their AC unit until the last possible second.

Some have no qualms keeping the unit for ten or twenty years, reasoning that it’s far too expensive—and too much of a hassle—to get a new one.

What they don’t realize is that holding on to a damaged unit can end up costing them more.

If your AC exhibits any of the following signs, it may be high time to consider an ac replacement.

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5 Signs You Seriously Need An AC Replacement

ac replacement

1. It’s not as cold as it used to be.

If it seems like the air from your AC isn’t as cold as it used to be, or the air doesn’t seem to flow properly anymore (some areas of the room are cold, some aren’t), it might be time to replace the unit altogether.

Of course, it’s also possible that something could be blocking the vents, in which case you’d need to contact a professional to get that looked at right away.

2. There’s a lot of moisture where there shouldn’t be.

It’s fairly common for air conditioning units to create moisture, but properly-functioning units should be able to disperse it to avoid buildup.

If there’s moisture pooling where there shouldn’t be, you need to either call in a professional to get it fixed or replace the unit entirely.

Not only are leaks potential health hazards, but the pooling water can create an attractive breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

3. Unusual sounds or noises are coming from the unit.

It’s normal to hear a faint hum from a functioning AC unit. Maybe one or two clicks to indicate that the thermostat or temperature is adjusting.

But if unusual noises—such as squealing or grinding—start coming out of the unit at consistent frequency, it could be a sign of internal damage.

Loud sounds are usually caused by a lack of lubrication or an out-of-place gear or belt.

In any case, if the noises continue, it’s in your best interest to replace the unit or get it fixed right away.

ac replacement

4. The unit consumes more energy than usual.

If you’ve noticed an unusual spike in your energy bills and are able to trace it back to your unit, then you should definitely sign up for an ac replacement.

Modern AC units are generally more energy-efficient than old ones—which, alone, is already a pretty good reason to swap out your outdated unit.

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However, older, malfunctioning models tend to run for longer periods of time on higher settings just to achieve the same cool temperature that they could easily reach when they were new.

Better to buy a replacement unit now and earn back the cost through savings on your energy bill.

5. It’s more than a decade old.

As mentioned earlier, older units tend to eat more energy than newer ones.

Once your AC hits the decade mark, holding on to it is no longer the most practical option.

An average air conditioning unit, if properly maintained, can last about 15 years.

However, the older it gets, the more repairs it’s going to need. Eventually, the number of extensive repairs plus the energy consumption can end up costing you more than buying and installing a new unit.

In such cases, calling a Virginia AC Leader is out of the question.

As mentioned earlier, it’s in your best interest to invest in ac replacement rather than continue to sink your money in repairs and utility bills.

It’ll be better for your wallet and your home in the long run.

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