If you did not have your air conditioner maintained before the summer began, chances are it’s not holding up well—at least, not if it’s an aging system.

The end of summer is when we get the most calls for air conditioning repair in Virginia. This is because your AC system has been under immense stress all season long, and as we near the end of summer its parts may have become worn down (again, especially if you didn’t have pre-season maintenance done).

Why Is Virginia AC Maintenance So Important?

Perhaps you are a homeowner who is skeptical about additional services for your home comfort devices, like maintenance for your Virginia air conditioner.

We understand that there are, unfortunately, dishonest people out there who will sell services you don’t necessarily need. Virginia AC maintenance is not one of those services, though. In fact, skipping Virginia AC maintenance when something is wrong with your air conditioner can absolutely do more harm than good.

Most cooling system issues are not obvious right when they first develop. They spend some months getting progressively worse, sometimes without ever being detected, unless a Virginia professional HVAC tech gets in there with the right equipment and tools to make the correct adjustments.

Without a pro on your side, by the time that AC issue makes itself known, it’s probably already begun to cause a domino effect, meaning other parts of your system will start slowly breaking down.

You can avoid all of this, though! We urge you to schedule maintenance once a year (or twice a year, if you have a heat pump system).

Preventive Virginia AC maintenance allows our staff to thoroughly inspect your air conditioner in very close detail, finding and repairing problem areas early in the beginning stages. Having maintenance performed on a routine basis can increase your AC energy efficiency, lower the chances of a serious problem, and even extend your air conditioner’s lifespan by many years.

But be sure to schedule maintenance on a routine basis!

What Time of the Year Is Best for Virginia AC Maintenance?

As we alluded to above, the best time for Virginia air conditioning maintenance tends to be before your air conditioner will be used the most. So, right before summer is typically the best time. However, unless your system has completely broken down beyond repair, there’s really no “wrong” time to have Virginia AC maintenance done, just more convenient times.

Any system that receives tune-ups on a routine basis will reap rewards by way of improved energy efficiency, improved performance, and a longer lasting system.

Plus, don’t forget the benefits of enrolling in a maintenance program. By joining our Virginia AC maintenance program, you’ll never have to remember your tune-up appointments (you can leave that to us), you’ll receive priority service, and you’ll get discounts on repairs and other services.

Perhaps the biggest benefit, however, of being enrolled in a Virginia AC maintenance program, is the piece of mind that comes with knowing a pro is regularly checking the performance and safety of your Virginia HVAC systems.

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