Cooling System And Ductless Heating, also known as mini-split HVAC systems, are becoming very popular due to the cooling capabilities they provide, without the myriad problems associated with ducted systems.

Ductless systems consume less power and are energy efficient so you save a great deal of money on your utility bills.

Continue reading this article to really undestand how cooling system and ductless heating work and if they are right for your home.

What Is Cooling System And Ductless Heating?

While old-fashioned heat pumps and central AC systems push the heated and cooled air through ducts, cooling system and ductless heating transport the air directly into different regions.

Ductless systems consist of a small outdoor unit and a single or multiple indoor units that involve simple mounting skills and access to electricity.

What’s The Ideal Condition For Ductless Air Conditioner Installation?

The ideal conditions for ductless air conditioner system installation include:

  • Homes with expensive electric heat and cooling (such as baseboard; electric radiant, furnace)
  • Older homes without any ductwork
  • Homes with costly central heating due to excessive fuel costs
  • Rooms that are not frequently inhabited
  • Spaces next to unrestricted areas where ductwork would be visible (for instance above a garage)
  • Add-ons or sheds where extending ductwork is not viable (like a shed, barn, garage)

Pros Of Ductless HVAC Systems

cooling system and ductless heating

Following, you can read the advantages of cooling system and ductless heating:

  • Ductless HVAC systems do not cause security problems and air leakage since they only require a tiny hole to be drilled into the wall.
  • Unlike traditional HVAC compressors, the inverter-driven compressors in ductless systems are more efficient. They accelerate and slow down the system depending on the basic requirements, rather than completely shutting off the system.
  • They are less noisy, less visible, and highly energy-efficient, which helps you save a lot of money on your heating and cooling costs.
  • You need to consider the weather condition, up-front cost, aesthetics, and the required maintenance before choosing the ductless HVAC system. If you live in a very cold climatic region, you will need a fuel-based backup for ductless heating. However, certain models can handle the load even when the temperature goes below zero.

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