Air conditioners do break down, even though we try our hardest to stop that from happening. Air conditioning preventative maintenance, targeted repairs, sensible diagnoses, these are all wonderful tools to keep breakdowns at bay. Unfortunately, our world is not always ideal and breakdowns do happen.

Don’t panic or fall into despair. Breakdowns might be devastating when they happen but they’re not the end of the world.

Teams like ours specialize in dealing with air conditioners that are broken down, and we have a whole host of ideas, equipment, and checklists to see what we can do in repairing your system. Call us for AC repair in Virginia… we promise we can help.

Let’s talk about what you as a homeowner can do during an AC breakdown. Follow our guide and make sure you do everything you can to help mitigate problems and keep yourself comfortable.

Follow Our Guide

When an air conditioner breaks down, the worst thing you can do is to try and fix it yourself. So many homeowners frustratingly open their air conditioners up to start performing DIY fixes and they end up doing more harm than good.

We get that it’s frustrating to deal with a breakdown but you’re always going to be better off with the help of a professional like us. By following our guide, we promise you won’t get in over your head and things will be repaired the right way.

Leave Your System As Is

Don’t try to constantly turn your system on if it’s broken down. This could add more insult to injury and cause more problems. Think of your air conditioner as a crime scene, and the less you disturb it, the easier it will be for our team of professional HVAC investigators to figure out what caused the problem.

The more damage that’s done after the fact, the harder it will be for us to make a proper diagnosis.

Call for Help

Is it the middle of the night? Or perhaps it’s late on a holiday when your air conditioner has broken down? Don’t worry, we’ll still help. Our company works around the clock—24/7 to ensure that you’ve got the care you need.

Remember that the earlier you call us, the better. It’s going to take some time to evaluate the status of your air conditioner and see where it went wrong. When we can do this early, we can then provide you with solutions that will get you comfortable again, quickly.

Think Long-Term

It can be very easy for a homeowner to only want their broken air conditioner repaired. However, sometimes it can be much more cost-effective to replace the system entirely. If it’s old or dealing with an issue that can’t be solved without replacement, you’re not going to get the best long-term care by just getting it repaired.

We know this is a lot to ask, but your budget and comfort will thank you if you think about the future. Don’t fall into the trap of signing up for the fastest repair out of sheer frustration.

When you sign up with Abel Air Services, you get service honoring the golden rule. Call us today!

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