Protect Your HVAC System: To Cover Or Not Your Unit

You may have been seeing advertisements or heard that you need to cover your outside HVAC unit, but it’s actually not necessary.

The outside unit was built to withstand both hot and freezing temperatures.

The only season you might want to cover your HVAC unit is during the fall, due to twigs, leaves, acorns, and such finding their way into your unit.

However, even then, if you are providing yearly maintenance like suggested, then it should be cleaned of such debris before turning it back on this spring during your maintenance appointment!

There are cover options available, but if you do choose to purchase one, we recommend just purchasing a top cover.

If you purchase a full cover, be aware of the following.

If you leave the full cover on too long, moisture could form leading to mold or mildew. The full warm cover could also attract small animals looking to get cover from the cold outside elements.

For a budget-friendly option, protect your outdoor AC unit by simply placing a piece of plywood to cover the top!

Replace Your Air Filter

Homeowners should replace their air filters about every thirty to ninety days.

Some may need to be replaced monthly depending on if there are pets or more than a few people living in the home. Neglecting to change the filter will affect the amount of warm air flowing into your home.

By replacing the filter, you’re also helping to maintain your home’s indoor air quality. When you wait too long to replace the air filters, allergens can be circulated leaving you vulnerable to sinus or nasal symptoms.

This is one of the simpler HVAC prep steps to protect your HVAC!

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Make Sure Your Heating Equipment Is Good To Go

The best way to prepare your HVAC unit for winter is to schedule maintenance this fall.

The Department of Energy reports that the difference between a maintenanced heat pump versus non-maintenanced heat pump can range from 10 to 25% in energy consumption.

Maintenance appointments not only help keep your system running longer, but they also can prevent up to 70% of costly repairs.

Keep The Airways Open

You might be rearranging furniture to make room for invited guests, but make sure you do not cover any registers near or on the floor.

Keep furniture and drapes from touching baseboard heaters, and make sure radiators have space clear of furniture by at least one foot.

Protect Your HVAC System

Help support the lifespan and efficiency of your heater or furnace by scheduling fall season maintenance, changing your filter, and covering your HVAC outside unit if necessary.

Call Abel Air Services in Virginia to schedule your fall HVAC maintenance today at (703) 380-7969.

Bonus Tips For Winter!

  • Use the sun to your benefit: Is it a sunny wintry day? Keep the drapes or curtains on south-facing windows pulled back during the day so your home can soak up some sun. Before dark, close the curtains on all windows to help keep the cold out.
  • Seal drafty areas: Do you feel a cold breeze inside? Try to follow and feel where it may be coming from. The cold air could be coming in from unsealed or poorly sealed windows or even a result of poor wall insulation that may need replacing. Whatever the case may be, you’ve found the issue early on and should be able to have it addressed before the weather sets in for the season.