Replace Furnace: When Its Time To Do It?

Making an investment in a new heating system can be overwhelming, but it’s the far better alternative to waking up in a frigid home in the middle of winter.

Whether you’ve been actively looking for a new furnace, or if you’re wondering whether you need a new unit, we’ve compiled seven questions to ask yourself that can help you determine if it’s time for a new heater.

7 Questions to Ask to Determine if You Should Replace Furnace

replace furnace

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1. How Old is Your Furnace?

Most furnaces last anywhere from 16-20 years.

If you know the age of your furnace to be at least 16, it’s time to start looking around now for a new one. The best time to find a replacement isn’t when your current unit is already broken.

Shopping now will give you enough time to find the replacement that is best for your budget and for your and your family’s comfort needs.

2. Are Your Energy Bills Increasing?

As they age, furnaces lose their efficiency, causing your energy costs to increase.

If your furnace has to run longer to produce the same amount of heat, you’ll see that reflected in your monthly energy bill.

While a new unit is an investment, it can save you hundreds per year in energy costs.

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3. Are You Comfortable In Every Room?

Are some rooms in your home too hot while others are too cold?

Do you find yourself at your thermostat constantly trying to adjust the temperature to stay comfortable?

Both of these symptoms may mean that your furnace no longer has the ability to distribute air evenly throughout your home.

replace furnace

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4. How Many Repairs Have You Made to Your Furnace?

Just like many other large systems in your home, as your furnace ages, you may find yourself replacing or repairing parts left and right.

Before you know it, you may spend hundreds of dollars just to keep your old furnace running.

When you’re constantly making repairs to your old heating system, it may be time to consider replace furnace.

5. Does your furnace make weird noises?

Older furnaces begin making odd noises–such as rattling, banging, popping or squealing–as they near the end of their lifespan.

Another strange noise you may notice is your blower turning off and on frequently. If your furnace is making any of these noises, it may be telling you it’s time for replace furnace.

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6. How is your family’s health?

Aging furnaces are more likely to develop cracks in their heat exchangers.

This can be dangerous, as carbon monoxide (if present) can leak into your home without you noticing.

Signs include frequent headaches, nausea, flu-like symptoms, disorientation and more. If your family is experiencing these symptoms, air out your home immediately and contact Virginia AC repair leaders technician and begin looking for a replacement.

7. Is your home dusty or dry?

Furnaces that need replacing tend to be unable to clean and add moisture to the air in your home.

This can cause your home to feel musty or stale, and can cause allergy flare ups, dry eyes, throat, and skin, and more.

If you notice more dust accumulation than normal, this may be a sign for a replace furnace.

replace furnace

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