Residential vs Commercial AC Services: Understanding The Differences

Understanding the differences between a residential AC and a commercial AC services in Virginia can help you make sure that you have the right system installed in your building, and that all the occupants can enjoy high air quality at a comfortable temperature.

Different building types have different needs when it comes to air conditioning. As such, they require different types of air conditioners for adequate cooling.

Residential vs Commercial AC Services

residential vs commercial ac services

Physical Differences Between Commercial AC and Residential AC Systems

To begin, there is usually a distinct physical difference between commercial and residential air conditioners.

Residential systems are most often central systems connected to a series of ducts, with the condenser and evaporator in different areas of the property.

Commercial AC units usually combine the heating and cooling units in a single rooftop package, which prevents the noise it causes from interfering with occupants’ work.

Keeping the package on the roof also helps the business conserve physical space.

Considering the Required AC Power for Different Buildings

However, the biggest difference between a commercial AC and a residential AC is the amount of power that the system will draw to cool the space it serves.

Part of this has to do with the fact that businesses generally occupy larger areas than homes do. The average home in the United States is under 2700 square feet, while the average size of recently constructed commercial buildings is closer to 19,000 square feet.

As a result, air conditioners intended for use in commercial spaces are often built to be much more powerful.

There is another reason for the relative power of a commercial AC, besides the size of the area it must cool.

Commercial AC systems are also intended to provide comfort for all the regular occupants of a business, which typically outnumber the number of people in an average residential home by large margins.

However, the number of people that are regularly inside a commercial building can be difficult to pinpoint.

Furthermore, this variable is just one in a series of complicated factors that have to be weighed against each other when sizing a commercial AC, which is why the process should always be carried out by experienced professionals.

Choosing Your Installers

Of course, residential AC systems are still complex enough to require careful installation by qualified professionals.

In fact, this is one characteristic that commercial and residential air conditioning systems have in common: licensed contractors should only ever install them.

No matter what kind of building you are seeking an air conditioner for, make sure you can trust the technicians who install it.

residential vs commercial ac services

Look for companies like Abel Air Services in Virginia who have extensive experience with both residential and commercial systems and who will offer accurate quotes up front.

No matter what purpose your building serves, the people inside deserve to be comfortable.

Your home and family should be just as cool and comfortable as you are when you’re at work.

Make sure you have your residential AC installed and serviced by a company that you would also trust for commercial AC installation.

Call Abel Air Services today at (703) 380-7969 for more information about either area.