Do you hear a hissing or a bubbling noise late at night while your air conditioner is working? Or perhaps you can tell that the temperature of your home is a little “off” and not reaching the standards set on your thermostat? If that’s the case then you could be suffering from a refrigerant leak.

This can occur in air conditioners from time to time, but it often results in poor efficiency, effectiveness, and the eventual breakdown of a system.

If you think this kind of problem can fix itself, you’re absolutely wrong!

Call us when it comes to AC repair in Virginia. We know how to deal with a refrigerant leak, how to patch them, and how to give your system a proper recharge.

Below, we’ll go into detail about how you can notice your AC is suffering from this kind of problem, and why calling us sooner is always better than waiting.

Refrigerant Leak: How to Identify Them

Unfortunately, your air conditioner isn’t simply going to tell you when it has a refrigerant leak. It’ll be obvious sometimes, and other times it’ll be a little bit harder to figure out.

Don’t worry, we’ve got all the information you need to accurately determine whether or not you’re suffering from a refrigerant leak. Keep reading as we get into the details.

Low Cooling Output

An air conditioner with low refrigerant levels is going to have a harder time keeping your home cool than one with optimal refrigerant amount. So, if you’re noticing that your air conditioner never reaches the temperatures specified on your thermostat, no matter how long it runs or no matter how mild the temperature settings are, then you’re likely dealing with a refrigerant leak.

As refrigerant leaks from the system, the air conditioner must do the same amount of cooling with less refrigerant. It’s like trying to feed your family without doing the necessary grocery shopping—nobody is going to be happy with those results!

High Energy Bills

When your air conditioner works harder because of lower refrigerant amounts, you’re ultimately going to pay for an increased amount of energy being used.

his equates to higher energy bills, sometimes too high. If you’re seeing a steady increase in your energy bills and you know it’s due to your air conditioner, then it might be time to get that refrigerant leak addressed.

Ice on the AC

When there’s less refrigerant in a cooling system, there can be some odd irregularities in the process. Sometimes, refrigerant can be cooled to a temperature that’s too low.

This will then cause moisture collecting on the coils to freeze. That’s why sometimes you see ice forming on an air conditioner!

Ultimately, this is a huge problem. You need to not only get the refrigerant leak fixed, but also have a professional inspect your system to ensure that nothing else is contributing to the problem.

Bubbling and Hissing

Bubbling and hissing are both noises that signify your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant. If you hear this type of noise, be sure to call a professional to have the leak patched and your AC’s refrigerant recharged.

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