A split system air conditioner provide a convenient way for you to keep your home comfortable when it’s hot out, especially if you mainly need to keep certain areas cool.

These systems offer some notable advantages over ducted air conditioners and window air conditioning units.

The benefits of a split system air conditioner include all of the following.

5 Benefits of a Split System Air Conditioner

Easier Installation

Split system air conditioners do not require ductwork in order to cool the air in your home as ducted air conditioning systems do.

Instead, these systems consist of an indoor unit and outdoor unit that can easily be mounted to walls or other areas with copper tubing and cables.

Unlike window units, you also don’t need to have windows available for installation with split system air conditioners.

Their design makes these air conditioning systems simple and quick to install.


A split system air conditioner uses less energy overall than ducted air conditioning systems.

With ducted air, your system experiences energy loss as air passes through your ductwork.

This can force your system to run more often to ensure that your home stays cool.

Split system air conditioners do not involve the use of ducts, which helps reduce the amount of energy they use.

These systems can also be set up to cool off certain areas of your home rather than your entire home, saving you even more on energy usage.

Having a more energy-efficient system means your energy bills should be lower.

A Split System Air Conditioner Runs Quietly

Window units can be noisy when they’re running, which can be distracting.

The fan and condenser in these systems are inside your home where they produce significant noise while operating.

Ducted units are larger and all the noise it generated from one position which can disrupt neighbours.

Split system air conditioners run much more quietly than other types of air conditioning systems.

The noisier components are in the small outdoor unit where you won’t hear them as much.

This provides your home with more peace and quiet while also keeping it cool and comfortable.


Having a split system air conditioner installed in your home provides a more cost-efficient way to maintain a cooler indoor temperature.

These systems typically cost less to buy, and installation costs are lower since they are easier to install.

They also use less energy and require little maintenance, so you can also expect to save money on these expenses.

Investing in these systems allows you to cool your home on a regular basis while keeping costs down.

Easy Maintenance

Ducted air conditioners often require routine maintenance in order to stay in good condition, which involves having a technician come out to inspect and service it.

A split system air conditioner only needs minimal maintenance that you can usually do on your own.

In some cases, this means putting in a new filter. In other cases, this might involve cleaning the current filter and reusing it.

With little maintenance required, you can expect your split system air conditioner to run efficiently for a number of years.

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