Do You Know About This Troubleshooting Tips For Heating Systems?

You never really think about your heating system until the temperatures drop in Virginia and you really need your home warmed up fast. Whether you run into problems the first time that the system is turned on or it suddenly breaks down in the wintertime, you need to know how to remedy the situation.

Fortunately, anyone with some basic DIY skills can troubleshoot the most common problems with heating systems, and Abel Air Services is here to help if you can’t fix it yourself.

Read this 10 Troubleshooting Tips For Heating Systems

troubleshooting tips for heating systems


Are you sniffing and sneezing when your heating system runs? Have you noticed more dust on your furniture?

Chances are that the filter of your HVAC system needs to be replaced. Most filters are designed to last about three to 12 months, depending on the type of filter.

It is best to replace the filter before winter arrives, but you can change it at any time. You can replace it with the same type of filter, or the experts at Abel Air Services in Virginia can recommend an upgraded filter that lasts longer and traps smaller particles from the air.


It is normal to smell a strange, musty odor when you run your heating system for the first time during the winter. This is dust that has collected inside the vents and ducts, and the smell should only last a few seconds.

If you notice any other odors from your heating system, check your filters. If those are in good shape, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with a technician from Abel Air Services.

Odors from heating systems may indicate electrical issues, mold inside the ducts, and other problems that require an expert.


Your heating system should turn on, heat your home to the desired temperature, and then shut off once the system reaches the temperature on your thermostat. If your heating system cycles on and off repeatedly without running, there may be a problem with the thermostat or other components.

You can replace the thermostat to see if the system runs properly. If this does not work, there is a problem with one of the other parts of the HVAC equipment. Call Abel Air Services. to schedule a repair appointment with one of our technicians.


Several issues may cause your heating system to not turn on at all. First, check the circuit breaker box to see if something has been tripped.

You can reset the circuit and see if that helps. We recommend that one of our technicians comes by to perform a safety check of the system.

Another reason that your heating system won’t turn on is a broken thermostat. You can replace the unit to see if that helps.

Other problems that cause a heating system to not turn on require the expertise of a technician from Abel Air Service.

We offer 24/7 emergency repair services, so we can get your heating system working quickly.


When a heating system continues to run, even when the desired temperature is reached, the most likely problem is the thermostat.

You can replace the unit yourself or have one of our technicians do the job. We can also recommend upgrades to your thermostat, such as a digital or programmable model that may reduce your monthly utility costs.


Cold spots in your Virginia home are generally caused by closed vents, leaks around doors and windows, or insufficient HVAC capacity.

You should always keep your vents open. Closing them reduces efficiency and may even damage your HVAC equipment. If you have areas of your home that you don’t want to heat during the winter, such as a guest room that is rarely used, we can recommend a zoned control system.

Cold spots may also be caused by cracks around your doors and windows. You can seal the cracks with caulk or weatherstripping. Lastly, cold spots may indicate that your HVAC equipment does not have the capacity to heat your entire home.

This typically happens in older homes with additions or garage conversions. Abel Air Services offers home evaluations to determine if your HVAC system has the necessary capacity, and we recommend updates that fit within your budget.


Do your utility bills seem to increase every month? This may be a sign of problems with your heating system. First, there are some best practices that you can follow to reduce energy consumption in the winter.

Avoid changing the thermostat throughout the day; this makes your heating system work harder and use more energy. Keep all the vents and air intakes in your home open. Do not block air intakes with furniture or other items.

Other reasons for high utility costs are worn-out parts and old heating equipment.

Abel Air Services in Virginia carries a full line of energy-efficient heating systems for homeowners in Virginia. We work with you to find the best model for your budget, and our expert technicians do the installation for you.


Squealing, squeaking, hissing, whirling, buzzing, and other noises are signs that your heating system needs repairs. You may have debris inside your vents, worn-out parts, electrical problems, and other issues that can quickly break down your entire HVAC system.

Finding the source of noises requires time and in-depth knowledge, so these problems are best left to a qualified HVAC expert. Schedule an appointment with a technician from Abel Air Services.


If you have a gas furnace that is blowing cold air, the pilot light may need to be lit. If you have never done this before or are uncomfortable with relighting the pilot, call Abel Air Services, and we will send someone to help.

We also evaluate other parts of your heating system to make sure that they are in good shape for the rest of the winter.


When you adjust your thermostat, you should hear the heating system turn on and start to work. If nothing happens when you adjust the thermostat, it may need to be replaced.

You may also have an electrical issue or problem with another part of your HVAC equipment. We can send a technician over to look at the heating equipment and troubleshoot the problem.

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