Mid-late summer is never an ideal time to buy an air conditioner. But if yours calls it quits, or shows signs of major disrepair, then—simply put—you may have no choice.

But that should not mean, however, that you rush into your air conditioner purchase! You should take your time and talk to the experts about the benefits of certain cooling system types. Trust a Virginia A/C  professional to correctly match your home to the right air conditioner and vice-versa, all while giving you the most efficiency for your budget.

Is It Really Time for a New System?

Sometimes, you can get by with repair. Unless of course your compressor—the heart of your air conditioner—shuts down completely. Since the compressor plays such a vital role in the cooling process, it’s better to replace the whole system rather than just that part, especially in an aging system. The only time this is not the case is if your system is still under warranty—then the AC is probably young enough for the compressor to be replaced.

Speaking of an aging system, that’s what you should keep an eye on most when determining if and when it’s time for a new air conditioner. Is yours over 10-15 years old? Then you should plan to have it replaced soon, particularly if it’s showing any of the following warning signs:

Your Monthly Energy Bills Have Spiked

An aging and degrading air conditioner will start to quickly lose energy efficiency and cause a rise in your electrical costs. Are you paying much more than you did this time last year? How about in comparison to your neighbors? Give us a call to start talking about your options!

You’ve Noticed Uneven Temperatures

Cooling around your home is uneven, with hot spots in upstairs rooms or other rooms located furthest away from the blower fan in your HVAC cabinet. This could be the sign of damaged ductwork, which should absolutely be assessed. But with old, degrading ductwork often comes an old, degrading AC system—is it time for you to upgrade?

Your System Is Way Noisier Than Before

Odd sounds here or there often indicate a repair need. But if you’re constantly hearing noisier operation, there’s a very good chance that your air conditioner is trying to tell you it’s not going to last much longer.

You’ve Already Made an Expensive Repair This Year

As a general rule of thumb, we tell customers that if their next AC repair or set of repairs is going to cost over half of what the system is worth, it’s typically more economically feasible to replace the system. This can even be the case in a newer system, depending on the repair need. If an air conditioner isn’t installed properly or maintained consistently, it can run into lifespan reducing issues.

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