Benefits Of Our AC Maintenance In Virginia

We constantly stress the importance of having your annual HVAC inspection before the Summer season kicks into full gear.

Not only is it often required by a manufacturer in order to fulfill the responsibilities of your warranty, but it’s also by far the easiest way to detect predicaments before they turn into catastrophes.

Even still, many homeowners feel that our annual visits are simply a waste of money.

Here are some repairs, however (and their costs) that can result if you don’t give us a call for your AC maintenance in Virginia

AC Maintenance In Virginia: Repairs And Their Costs

ac maintenance in virginia

Virginia AC Repair Leaders | Abel Air Services

Refrigerant leak repair

Refrigerant leaks can only be handled by professionals trained to deal with toxic substances. When leaks are caught early they can be repaired and tested which not only saves you money in utility bills but also repair costs which can reach $1,600.

Circuit board replacement

A circuit board will start to display issues even before it eventually becomes fried altogether.

By detecting weak solder joints and other failing components early you can save up to $600 in replacement costs (and avoid spark and fire dangers).

Thermostat replacement

A malfunctioning thermostat may not be immediately detectable.

You may go months of paying exorbitantly high utility prices because your thermostat is operating lower than its settings.

A replacement will save a chunk of money monthly (especially when replaced with a programmable model) and avoid costs of up to $250 when the whole system fails.

Compressor replacement

Part of our AC maintenance in Virginia involves the ever-important cleaning of the compressor from the dust and debris that has built up over the Winter.

This gunk restricts airflow which lowers efficiency, but also drives the compressor to work harder; ultimately failing. Having the compressor maintained can save you up to $1,800 in replacement unit costs.

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Evaporator coil

Not only do exterior A/C components need a Spring cleaning, so do interior parts such as the evaporator coil.

Cleaning the evaporator coil helps to avoid the acid buildup which causes tiny pinhole leaks within the system. The cost of replacing these units can reach $1,200 or more.

ac maintenance in virginia

Virginia AC Repair Leaders | Abel Air Services

Fan motor replacement

As expected your A/C fan is a moving part.

When dirt and grime are lodged into the bearings, that moving part becomes stationary – only it doesn’t know this and thus burns out trying to follow its system commands.

There’s a $300 replacement cost that could have been avoided with professional AC maintenance in Virginia.

Condensate pump replacement

Part of the healthy operation of your A/C system is adequate disposal of condensation into the drains in the floor.

When the pump becomes plugged this water backs up and disperses all over your utility room floor.

Not only will you need up to $250 to replace the pump, but also a good mold remediation service to clean the mildew that has formed in the cool, damp area.

As you see, annual HVAC inspection is not a ruse to jostle extra money from our customers, it’s a steadfast plan to save you costs on unnecessarily high utility bills and replacing components that could have been avoided.

The sound peace of mind from knowing your A/C is running at peak levels is something our clients consider priceless.