Can an HVAC Zoning System Help Your Home?

If you’ve been thinking of installing a zoning heating and cooling system but are left wondering if it would be the right decision for your home, your wait is over.

We’ve compiled the top three reasons why a HVAC zoning system can help you save money and be more comfortable this winter.

What is HVAC Zoning System?

An HVAC zoning system activates your furnace/air conditioner based on the areas of your home that you use the most.

As opposed to heating your entire home with a central heating and cooling unit, a zoning system with Trane TrueComfort uses less energy to heat (or cool) only the rooms you use frequently.

Think of it like this—instead of separate light switches for every room in your house, what if all the lights in your home were operated with one switch?

hvac zoning system

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You’d likely turn off the switch while sleeping or when you’re away, but whenever you’d need light, every single light in the house would be on—from the basement to the kitchen, to the bathroom and every room in between.

Not only would this waste energy and hike up your electric bill, but your light bulbs would also need to be replaced more quickly.

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Having only one switch for all the lights in your house seems like a crazy idea, but this is exactly how most homes are heated and cooled.

Every room, whether you’re in it or not, is heated equally.

However, you can streamline your efficiency and save money by creating zones in your home with Trane TruComfort.

HVAC zoning systems feature different thermostats for each zone, so you can control how much energy your home is using to maintain a comfortable temperature.

For example, you can keep your bedrooms warmer in the winter, and spend less on heating rooms you rarely use.

Benefits of a HVAC Zoning System

hvac zoning system

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Lower Energy Bills

With a Trane zoning system, you don’t have to waste money heating rooms that don’t need it.

By streamlining your heating unit, you can stay comfortable all winter long while enjoying lower energy costs (up to 30% when combined with a programmable thermostat).

More Comfortable Environment

Because an HVAC zoning system saves you money, you can keep the rooms you use often at a more comfortable temperature because you don’t have to worry about a huge energy cost.

Using a zoning system absorbs the cost of keeping your frequently used rooms a little warmer in the winter and a little cooler in the summer.

Less Wear and Tear on Your HVAC System

Since an HVAC zoning system expends less energy by heating and cooling only parts of your home, your unit will last longer and require less maintenance than traditional central heating and cooling systems.

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